About Us

THE Eagle Crime Awareness and Prevention Initiative(ECAPI)

THE PROGRAM STRIVES TO STAMP OUT CRIMES IN OUR SOCIETY through collaborative effort of the community, the corporate organizations, media and law enforcement agencies :

The ECAPI program is a crime solving program that brings together the Law enforcement agencies, news media, business community, citizens of the community and other stakeholders working together in order to solve crimes and stop crimes from reoccurring or ensure the criminals are arrested and persecuted.

The goal of the ECAPI program is to make our neighborhood safer/and stop crime from occurring by obtaining information leads from the community members and rewarding them with monetary value. If the information provided leads the law enforcement to arrest the criminals then a reward is given to the individual that provided the information..

The program strives to collect information leads from the community about possible crime and passes it on the law enforcement agency for proper investigation and prosecution. It will also publish flyers in the news media so that law enforcement agents can get the faces of the criminals and apprehend them before they commit more serious crime. The program will rely on individual and corporate donations to carry out its role.

We will rely heavily on the tips from community and the cooperation and efforts of the media and law enforcement agencies. The program offers anonymity to community members who come forth with information leads.

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